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Gee, I hope and pray your baby gets better. My Chewy has cataracts in both eyes....she's nine years old. She sees fine, tho. The vet said it's like looking thru waxed paper or the like. Kind of hazy. We couldn't afford surgery for her. She also had "cherry eye" both eyes. She did have surgery for was only a few hundred dollars for each eye. Now I just have to keep her eyes clean and lubricated because she has no dear ducts. It's not a problem, tho.
My husband had glaucoma, the dr tried drops, they didn't work so he did laser surgery on him and he is 100% cured. They make tiny holes to relieve the pressure. Maybe they do something like that for dogs. Of course, it would probably cost a fortune. The other thing is, one of our cats lost her eye due to a foxtail, and she is fine....they can adjust to having one eye. One of our other cats got both eyes infected and she has terrible eyesight but adjusts okay. Optimally, we would like to have both eyes in perfect condition, but things work out. We all adjust. I pray your baby doesn't have to go thru any pain. My friend has Galucoma, and just uses the drops because she can't afford the surgery. She says it works headaches or anything. Good luck.
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