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Thank you for the information and the prayers. The eye dr. that Lindsey is being treated by is a specialist holds a ACVO degree, one of 305 specialists in the U.S. so I'm confident with her to lead me to the best treatment possible.
Lindsey don't seem to be bothered by all this, shes good about the drops and ointment being put into her eye. The only thing that worries me is that the eye pressure maybe giving her a headache of which we can't tell. I just hope the meds work. We're giving it a week, then they will test to see if the pressure is better by the meds before any decision is made. She said that the pressure should drop within a week if the meds work for her. I hope they work.

I am devistated to think she may have to go thru surgery for this, she is only 4 and 1/2 lbs, very active still like a puppy. We NEED a miracle, please pray for her. Her older real sister still treats her like her little baby and plays the motherly roll to her, always seems concerned and stays by her, which is a good thing, they have each other. Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and replies. I'll keep checking back here and update when I know more. Sincerely, Lindseys Mom.

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