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Cry She's Going To The Neurologist... and She's Not Doing Good!

So I called my Breeder last Friday night to see if we could visit LeiLani this weekend. She informed me that LeiLani is going to need to go to visit the Vet Office in the morning (Saturday). It wasn't going to be a good day to make the long drive to her house for a visit. So I stayed up almost all night... I have insomnia... and this wasn't helping. I slept in late and jumped into the shower... and this is when the called came in. It was my Breeder's on the phone.

They called to let me know what was going on with Ms. LeiLani. You see LeiLani is not putting on weight like her other three brothers and her Vet said, "She needs to see a specialist". A Neurologist needs to look at her skull and her brain". They have an appointment for Wednesday.

My breeder's thought that something was starting to feel "Not Right" with her. This is why she didn't want me to come and see her yet. She has been eating, but she just isn't putting on weight like her 3 brothers are. She is still very... very... small! The "Smallest" she has ever had! This saddens all of us.

They think that her "Soft Spot" on her head is not "Closing or forming correctly". The Vet also suspects that she might have "Water on her Brain". She gave me some technical names, but seeing that I was dripping wet from the shower... I just didn't get to write it down.
What does all of this mean??? I'm not sure... I don't know!!!

I've been so upset all day that I just crawled back into bed and went back to sleep. I was hoping it was a dream... but I woke up... and it was not.

I have looked at three litters before her and research... and research as much as I could about Yorkies. I've been looking for her for 1-1/2 yrs for her. I didn't feel comfortable with any of the other "So Called Breeder's" that I had met in the past.
So when I found this one I know she was the one. She was very nice and took me into her life to teach me. I've met with her at Dog Show were she taught me what was going on.
She was waiting on one of her Champion dogs to delivery and I was so excited. She had one other person that wanted a show quality dog but didn't care if she had a boy or a girl. So when only one girl was born she decided on a boy and I got the girl. Yeah! I was sooo excited I told everyone... She had a girl... She had a girl!

You see I'm 39 years old and can't have children of my own. I start early menopause just over a year ago and I have always wanted my own child... especially a little girl. I purchased a lot of stuff for her. Some thing's before I even met my Breeder's. I have clothes, leashes, potty stuff, bowels, collars, beds, crates, purse bags, you name it I have it! I even just had a delivery to my house today of stuff for her. All I could do was just cry.
She was going to be my first Yorkie. I'm Soooo Sad!
I'm trying my hardest to fight back my tears!


My boy kitty Jasper just came up to me and sat next to me on the arm of the couch.
He reached out his paw and touched my shoulder.... and I lost it! I just cried... and cried... I'm so sad!

I'm back now ~ I think I needed that!

What if she's not okay? Has this happened to anyone else? Is this normal in smaller Yorkies?
Will this go away with medication?
Should she be put to sleep? The Vet spoke with them about this. It's not fair for little LeiLani to be going through this!
Lola & Danny - Thank You For Loving Me!
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