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My Lady has chronic uti's because of her diabetes so I know how frustrating they can be to deal with.

Has your vet cultured her urine? That needs to be done to find out which antibiotic will kill the bacteria that is causing the infections. Amoxycillin itself may not be enough. Most vets prescribe clavamox to start with, not plain amoxycillin. If it doesn't clear up with the first round of antibiotics, a sterile culture is in order.

E-coli is the culprit in over 80% of uti's and can be very resistant to antibiotics. Sometimes it can be trial and error before you find which antibiotic works. Lady had a nasty uti a year ago that was caused by two different strains of E-coli and it took two antibiotics to knock it out.

Dogs should have a negative urine pH, about 7.0. Greater than 7.0 is considered too acidic and less than 7.0 too alkaline. You can add a cranberry supplement to lower the ph and a little apple cider vinegar to raise it.
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