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Default Bladder Problems & Food Help, Please...

Maggie is my 3.5 lb. Yorkie. She has had two bladder infections in the past, both cleared up with amoxicillin, and now she is getting another one. It seems like she gets them every six months. We weren't able to get urine speciman today, vet gave her amoxicillin again, it isn't advanced infection, just starting. Frequently urinating, one drop of blood.

My neighbor is a retired vet, he told me to feed her Hill's Science Diet, that Yorkie's do well on it, and seldom get bladder infections. Well, obviously it isn't working. Oh, the last time, they did xray, no stones visible. They also did urine check last time, just not today because vet was booked, and I wasn't able to get it at home.

I have been giving her tap water to drink, today I bought bottled water, no more tap water for her, I've also read online that if you have bladder problems you should feed acidic foods, yogurt, give them eggs, lean chicken, beans, etc.

Her diet consists of the Hill's Science Diet and fresh bites of veggies and fruits.

Can anyone give me some direction? Should I switch her diet, switch her food - what dogfood do you recommend? I don't know that I have the time to totally cook for her, but I am going to start giving her unflavored yogurt every day with her kibble.

My girlfriend feeds her 3 lb. yorkie Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Duck & Potato forumla, and has been pleased with it. We have an all natural dogfood store and that's what they recommended. Would this be a good choice for Maggie?

Other than these bladder problems, Maggie is a totally healthy little dog, from an excellent breeder. It's her 2nd birthday today, too, poor baby has to deal with this.

If you want to see the birthday girl up close and personal, she's on my blog - all the latest from heavensville...

Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

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