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Originally Posted by Nikki+2 View Post
Ann, your blog is pure evil! Don't you know it's almost bikini season? My daughter loves to bake and if I show her your blog, I will be completely defeated! Your fennel cucumber globs are on my to make list though. PS. how freaking adorable do you look!
OH, *blush*, you are too sweet! I am having a blast with that dang blog, I tell you. Thankfully, I bring most of the food into work or I'd be the size of my house in no time. Those globs were so good - fennel - sigh - you know how it is if you love fennel!

But the desserts do make me swoon - my sweet tooth is off the charts, but for some odd reason, baking actually helps me deal with it. That Red Velvet though...holy momma...I want to BREATHE that cake. I would almost give up a finger if I could eat that cake forever. Did I just say that? I did.
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