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I've had several sewing machines in my lifetime, the latest is a Ferry Morse that has lasted 30 years.

I'm not going to be doing any embroidery, and I have talked to several people who sew for a living. My sister has her own business (custom window treatments) and has spent several thousand dollars on a really fancy machine that she hates.

She went back to a high-end Kenmore and says she'll never use anything else again. She has 2 sergers ( as do I, for t-shirts and stuff) After talking to her and spending time with her machine, I agree.

I just ordered a Kenmore and am expecting it anyday now. I'm positive I'll love it. It has an automatic threading function for us old farts with bad eyes and all the stitches you could ask for. It also does buttonholes and it's simple enough for a beginner to enjoy.
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