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Love My Furbabies!
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Thanks so much for all the imput guys! I love them too!! I've put them through the washer already without a problem (gentle cycle) and left out to dry and they held up awesome!

My one little girl Emma is a HUGE chewer. Her favorite thing in life is to rip the eyes/nose/stuffing out of EVERY plush toy we own and after working on this one for the entire day she finally managed to tear it.

My other 3 furbabies tugged their little hearts out, tossed it around, carried it everywhere without any damage done at all, so I think it's good for most furbabies, just not ones like my Emma, LOL.

Still though, I am going back to the drawing board, adding a heavier interfacing and an internal fleece liner as well to see how much more durable this makes it!

I'd love to be able to offer a free one to a special yorkie "tester" who can let me know what they think of it! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post that here or not, so admin I hope I am allowed (i'm not selling anything )!

The first person to PM me will get a free cube to test out for me as long as they don't mind giving me their feedback on it. =)
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