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Is your aunt an experienced breeder? Does Jasmine meet the Yorkie standard? Are you planning on doing all the necessary testing before breeding if you decide to do that? There is a lot that goes into breeding. Please don't take it lightly.

In my opinion, it is more important for girls to be spayed then for boys to be neutered. Girls are at more of a risk for developing cancer and they can get a pyometra (uterine infection). If an infection occurs, the dog has to be spayed on an emergency basis. Males can also get cancer from not being neutered or just benign lumps. If you are going to spay your female, may I strongly suggest that you do it before her first heat because if you wait her chances of get mammary tumors get higher after first heat.

My six-year-old just got spayed. The vet was concerned about her getting a pyometra. She came home the same day and could barely sit up. She ate in the middle of the night and was extremely tired the next day. A few days after that she was back to herself for the most part. It has been 12 days and you would never know anything happened to her.
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