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Confused Need feedback on the xmas ornaments for the GE, please!!!!

I posted these xmas ornaments for sale, and the sock picture ornament turned out to be the most popular. I sold a bunch of them and Iím still completing orders; I have enough material to fulfill all current orders. The problem is that I donít have anymore right now for future GE orders and I know some of you were interested on those. I went to all stores around the area and they donít have any more of the sock one. They say they will get more because itís xmas inventory and they get a delivery every week, but they canít tell me exactly when they will get those. Iím soooo mad. I keep checking, hopefully Iíll find some in a few days, but Iím not gonna take orders for them until I find them.
Some, my question is, if you were thinking about ordering the sock picture ornament, would you order the tree or the snowman instead??? Would you wait a few days to see if I find them???
Also, I wanted to let you know that I found a new picture ornament. Itís a cute doghouse and it has the hole for the picture where the entrance is. Iíll work on the model today. I think this one will turn out cute, so you guys can have more options. Of course, you also have the other ornaments with no picture hole to choose from.
Thanks for your input.
Here are the pics for the picture ornaments:
sock picture.jpgtree picture.jpgsnowman picture.jpg
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