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Originally Posted by LuvMySissy View Post
The first carseat I bought was one of the inexpensive Outward Hound seats. Sissy HATED it. Not only did she scream (not whine, but SCREAM), but she did everything she could to catapult her body out of the seat part till she was hanging by her harness/tether!!

I invested in a Snoozer Lookout Console car seat. The first time we used it on a 5 hour trip, she was good for 1/2 the ride, then whined for the other 1/2. But with it being so close to me, I could put my arm around her to comfort her. That was the one and only time she has ever whined in her seat. The way home she slept the whole way - never whined. We use it all the time now and she loves her seat!!!

Shelby & Seymour love their snoozer, too! PLUS with 2 of the seatbelt straps that attach to their harnesses, I don't have to worry about them jumping out OR choking ...... keypoint!!! I NeVER attach it to their collars, just the harnesses.
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