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Originally Posted by mizzwanned View Post
OMG Dina I am soo sorry! As soon as I saw Snoot's name I got worried! I am glad he is okay now but I would take him to the vet just to check him out. I know how much you love him, he is such a sweet heart. I hope everything turns out okay!! Let us know please

Hi Sarah, thanks for replying and thinking of my baby boy. Snoot is completely himself still and I sure hope nothing bad likes this happens ever again. This happened Sunday and I called the vet's office Monday but my regular vet was not in. I called back this morning and was told that even if bloodwork was done, nothing would likely show up since it didn't just happen. Regardless, Snoot is going in and having bloodwork done to compare with his other charts. Since he's gotten older we have bloodwork done twice a year to make sure nothing is going wrong. He's been completely fine and my vet has always been amazed on how healthy he is for his age. His results are always like a very healthy puppy, so this is just sooo shocking. We are basically just watching him very closely and will be keeping a journal of anything odd going on. I'll give you an update once he has the bloodwork done. Thanks so much for taking the time to check on him.
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