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Originally Posted by Mochasmom View Post
Since I didn't get any responses in the other area, I'm re-posting my question here and I hope it's okay to ask this question here.
I have always wondered why breeders don't spay/neuter the pups that are not up to standard? Ie. the wrong colouring, wrong shape, etc. Those being the ones that are sold on a non-breeding contract? Why leave the possibility of breeding up to chance?
I'm sure there must be a logical answer to this. A spay/neuter is not that pricey and could just be added to the price of the dog, I would think.
Thanks and I hope no one is offended by my asking this.
Given the current trend of contracts only being as good as the person you entered into it with, I have been spay/neutering before letting a puppy go to qualified puppy home for a while now. I don't sell puppies that I dont want to keep until 5 months of age or older. The ones that are still under six months, I either hold or if I do sell to a pet home, it is under contract, it is local only and I do have a clause in my contract that I will seize the dog back if it is not altered at the appropriate time or used for breeding whether on purpose or not. I don't ship so I know what is going on with my puppy.
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