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Originally Posted by ARCHIE View Post
I, have in the past, purchased Frontline for 3 months for $35.99 from the private pet store I shop from.

My vet tacks on $5.00 to that if I buy from him.
To make a long story short I hate frontline anyhow. I found
several ticks on Buddy last summer and Frontline stated to me
that several kinds of ticks are not covered

I heard bad things about Sentinel and Advantage (S) so what
do you do?
I bought Hartz! I used it on Buddy three times at the end of the
summer, Sept, Oct and Nov and stopped for the winter months.
I started up yesterday with Hartz again. So far I have had no problems
and it seems to be mostly Avon Skin So Soft. He smells so nice.
I am not afraid to use Hartz at all. My past dogs lived to be 17 and 16 wearing the Hartz collar daily with no sickness or problems of any kind,
and no fleas or ticks ever.
Listen, whatever you choose to do you are putting Pestisides into the
body of your pet. We have no choice unless you go holistic and my neighbor had flea infestation last summer because of that.
What else is left?
After a scarey experience with my cat, I wouldn't recommend Hartz products of any kind. Here's one article but there is loads of information regarding pets' deaths and the use of Hartz and see what comes up.
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