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Bobbi was fed Eukanuba at the breeder's and I did to the first 2 weeks I got him until I weaned him off.

Honestly, he has been the same when it comes to activity. He did have killer dandruff and he was scratching so much so I don't feed him anything with corn. It has gone away. I really can't tell you what made it go away since he is also on missing link and fish oil as well.

Before finding YT, my almost 5 yr old toy poodle was exclusively fed Eukanuba. I too thought it was the best out there......after all, that's what show dogs eat right? (as seen on tv).

My poor girl had the driest coat. It looked and felt like one of those brillo pads to scrub your cast iron pots and pans. She now eats Canidae and I swear to you that her coat has changed dramatically. It came out true black (not graying at is was before), her skin has no dandruff, and her coat feels like a ball of cotton (I am not exaggerating either).

She has never looked prettier than now. She is healthy, lively and acts like a puppy again. Now, I am not advertising Canidae either (some dogs may not do as well on it) but only sharing MY experience. Bobbi is a puppy still but his coat is coming in very nice in my opinion.

Lastly, my rescued cat has a coat to die for. He used to eat Ekanuba as well. He now eats Felidae. Again, the change is truly awesome. It literally glistens and I so with I had one strand like his. The shedding has dramatically reduced. Before it was falling out like crazy and now I brush him daily and he doesn't shed nearly as much.

I believe that whatever you decide to feed should be up to you. I personally will never feed by-products and other 'bad' things.

I am contemplating leaving Canidae and starting home cooked too. Even though they are doing extremely well on it, I think it's what you feed. I can feed just as good ingredients if I cook so I don't expect their coat or health to be affected (hope I make sense).

Good luck

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