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Confused Eukanuba...Hyper Spurts?

okay, me obsessive, but another Eukanuba thread was posted and I realized that the rating on this product was really low and.....well, this struck a cord with me and i started doing some more research....

hmmmmm....let me know if this sounds crazy to anyone....

Bentley has been on Eukanuba puppy since we brought him home for the first time 3 weeks ago. He has no issues gulping it down, no issues with runny poops *he goes 3-4 times a day*.....they're really small like miniature logs.....but.....

he seems to be OVERLY i know Yorkies are high energy, but one minute he'll look at me, and the next he'll be running in circles for no reason, sprinting from room to room *and i DO mean FAST*, then standing still the next minute. He does this every's WEIRD to watch...I almost want to get it on digital cam so that I can post a video here for you guys to's just REALLY random the way he has hyper spurts....

I'm wondering if it's the Eukanuba....and I'll be gosh darned if I didnt buy the LARGEST bag because:

1) The place where i bought him told me that's what i should feed him
2) Eukanuba was all over the TV *hitting head against wall*....
3) Eukanuba was all over the blasted TV *hitting HAND against wall*...
4) Eukanuba was all over the damn TV *running face first into wall*..

I've requested samples of Artemis and Canidae. Hopefully the samples will get here soon....

But..has anyone else switched from Eukanuba Puppy to something else only to find that the hyper activeness dwindled a little?

Is anyone STILL using Eukanbua Puppy who is experiencing these hyper fits too?
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