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Originally Posted by BellymonsterMom View Post
...she did eat the IC Hills Chicken Stew... said the stimulant helped...
Well, if you have the chicken stew, I'd set out a serving. The can should tell you how much to feed daily; you'd want to give her half that amount twice a day. The discharge papers indicate that she can have 1/4-1/2 c. chicken and mashed twice a day.

Discharge papers say she will "start eating within the next 3 days." I read that to mean that she may eat in a few hours, 24-hours, etc. The "Follow up" section indicates you should contact them if she exhibits "a lack of appetite."

Those with more expertise can weigh in, but I read the whole to mean you should be concerned if she has not eaten by the third day.

Again, I'm so happy that she is home with you.
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