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Sad Atopic dermatitis

This is going to be long, but I want to give all the pertinent info....I have searched this site and others for months trying to get help for my 9 pound year old yorkie Tyrone. He started itching at about 6 months, mid winter, and had greasy, smelly hair, and skin falling off in yellowish sheets, as well as thinning hair. This has all been on his back...from his neck to his haunches, and around his eyes...nowhere else really. Vet put him through two rounds of Temeril and antibiotics, and put him on Royal Canin Anallergenic food for 10 weeks. The meds were a miracle...almost instant relief and healing, but sure enough within a week or so of being off the the Temeril, it would begin all over again. Back to the vet, diagnosed with atopy, and on Atopica now for 12 days so far. Within a day or so, the scratching lessened dramatically and his back started to scab over and heal. A little loose stool, but was told to expect that possible side effect. He seemed to be handling the medication fairly well. Now today, he has been lethargic all day, off his feed, and not drinking water at all, and just a few hours ago he went bananas scratching, rolling, rubbing on anything he can and running in circles maniacally! Called vet (he's considered the best around here, young, up to date, and highly recommended by everyone...) and he said bathe him, benedryl, and be patient...the Atopica can take some time to work. I guess what I'm wondering is has anyone else had this experience with the Atopica...everyone online talks about how wonderful it is, but I don't know what to expect in this process. Does it have ups and downs for awhile? How long before I can expect positive results? Any suggestions orrelated experience with this med? Thanks in advance...just desperate!
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