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Originally Posted by LAD View Post
This week my 7yo Yorkie was diagnosed by a Vet/dermatologist as having ATOPY. I am trying to decide what to do per the three options by the vet:
1.Allergy testing ($730) = 60 or 90 pricks in the skin after being shaved. STAR is FOUR lbs. The vet said there can be problems with "small" yorkies in this testing.
2. Blood Testing ($300) = does not test for "everything".
3. Oral medicine (ATOPICA) forthe rest of her life (or until the environmental allergies clear).
So far, I have had her on antibiotics for 22 days to clear up the bacterial/yeast (in paws) and ear infection.
I have not started ATOPICA yet......
I started her twice a week baths (vet shampoo) today.
Do you want me to remove your post and start your own thread for you, so you get more answers? Let me know and I can do that for you .

I've been where you're at! It's a tough place to be. Just so you know, my Marcel was about 4lbs when he had his testing and he did great.

What you do is really up to you...what feels best to you, any of the above? Allergy shots don't *always* work, there is no guarantee, so keep that in mind. Also, if they're allergic to something like dust or mites, the shots aren't great. We did allergy testing for Marcel, but still have him on Atopica.

Atopica works beautifully for many dogs. If your kiddo's allergies are year round, then yes, you'd prob have her on it the rest of her life. If they're not all year round, you could then consider giving them some of the year, and not the other and/or give Temaril-P or steroids during the rough times.
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