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Awesome news!

Can you post pics of her finishing with her champion titles, OFA certifications, Chic certs and oh yeah when and how did the health testing go?t

What line does she come from-who'd you get her from on an Full AKC registration-from your mentor?

Who owns the stud-we'd all love to see what a quality male and breeder you are sending your girl to to get knocked up by-are they also a member here?

I imagine you already have experience breeding in the most responsible manner and have studied & practiced under a well known reputable mentor?>

Welcome to Yorkie Talk can't wait to see you update with the connect the dots-people here do that a lot and when you stay here and learn you start to do it too...we all do.

If none of the above can be answered because it hasn't been done, then welcome to Yorkie Talk hope you stick around and learn a lot before any attempts toward the idea of breeding.

Breeding is scary business, mostly because you risk your dog's life and it's so stinking expensive especially with Yorkie's needing those C-sections so very often-and that's when it all goes right.
Shan & 8 kids now!

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