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They would be Amish and Mennonite for sure. Not quakers.
They see them as nothing but product and put their by god to use at will and think us strange for living with them in our houses.

As to going to auctions to buy them; rather them have a chance to live then get shot in the back forty as they can not make product any more. They have already been replaced by their off spring so they save money by selling them rather then shooting them. Is there thought.

Whether it is right or wrong to buy them free is hard to say as I said either they get shoot or the go to auction and possibly get a chance to have a rescue buy them free. Or they get shot and then no profit is made at all and the drop the level of production and more get shot. Still to many do not know about where dogs in pet stores come from and we need to hit on that lots and lots and lots more and put the transporters of the dogs out of business as they are shipped worse then chickens that do not live in our homes. Sleep with our kids.

Nothing will change as long as they are seen as product like a head of lettuce.

"The truth about an animal is far more beautiful than all the myths woven about it." Konrad Loranz
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