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I wouldn't get kennel cough either...I'm with Brit on that.

Kennel Cough is basically the name for the common cold in dogs - there are *hundreds* of strains. The vaccine vaccinates for, I think, 7 of them (lol). I've never gotten it in any of my animals, ever. Nor have they ever contracted KC naturally. If they did, I'm quite sure they could get over it since they're healthy.

As far as heartworm though - GET IT. Seriously. Even when incidence and prevalence appears relatively low - bam, it's there anyway. And heartworm is treatment for the disease is *not* something you ever, ever want to put your beloved kiddo thru . You don't have to get it from the vet either, if you're okay doing that. There are other options that are way more affordable.

Why are you getting rabies so young, btw? I would wait.
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