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I don't like the kennel cough vaccine, either. It doesn't cover every strain and Jackson got the nasal vaccine twice (the mist - which is different from the shot) and GOT kennel cough (or some symptoms) from it both times (and yes, it was weeks after the vaccine so it wasn't like he contracted it, got the vaccine and then got sick so I blamed the vaccine).

Anywho, I just don't like it. Kennel cough is a pain in the butt but I've found that Jackson has built up an immunity to it on his own because he's around so many dogs. I work at a doggy daycare and he and Lola often come. KC is like a human cold, basically.

Bordatella is over-rated IMO but it's a lifestyle choice. Many kennels and daycares require it. I use a mobile groomer who does not. I won't get it any more.

That said, I am pretty "minimalist" with a lot of things, but heartworm medication is very important. There are very few places that you shouldn't give it year round. I usually spread it out to every 45 days in the winter (they are proven to work this long - but the companies know it's easier to remember to give a medication once a month). In the warmer months, I just do it every 30 days. Speak to your vet about it, of course. Doing every 30 days is fine though. The medicine is well tested and proven very safe. I'd rather give the preventative than deal with heartworms, ever.

Flea/tick medicine (such as Frontline) I do NOT give year round. I've been using Nexgard and more recently Simparica. I usually do it like April - October, depends on the weather though.
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