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Originally Posted by canana View Post
Yes, training right away is ideal. If it were me, I would give verbal praises for when the puppy uses the pad. And then start the treats later, assuming the puppy will eventually start eating after a day or two.

If my two babies got a treat for every good thing they did, they'd bound to get sick. They both have sensitive stomachs. Actually, now that I'm thinking back, Scottie did get sick...when he went to puppy class because of all the treats the trainer told us to give. I guess that's why I'm extra careful. After that, I ended up training them with their kibble for the most part.

But I'm sure not all dogs are as sensitive as mine are.
Giving a small treat when training is fine for most dogs and actually very important in the training process. Its not about just giving them a treat for "being good". My pup has been to a few training classes and yes they do get treats when they do what they are supposed to because that is how you train but once they know it and get older treats are not necessary.
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