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Congrats on your new baby boy. Not eating is not uncommon, remember, he just left his momma, his litter mates, his human momma, all the familiar smells and sounds. Now he is with a stranger, in a strange place, new smells, new sounds, that's a lot of adjusting for a wee little baby. Boil him some boneless chicken cutlets, shred a tiny amount on top of his food, if he still won't eat,give him bits of the chicken. Did you buy Nutrical? if not I suggest to get some asap. AS far as treats, use the boiled chicken for treats when he pees or poops on the pad. What you do not want to do right now is feed him strange foods that may upset his stomach,he is going through a lot of adjustments. As soon as he has adjusted to you, his new home, smells, sounds do not change his diet, not even treats, give him tiny bits of the chicken for all rewards.
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