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Originally Posted by puppypal86 View Post
When I got him I left him with my shirt in the play's just hard potty training him I'm trying to train him to use the potty pads ..I have 2 next to each other in the kitchen 1 in the play pen and 1 next to my living room rug where he likes to play...about 75% of the time he will pee on the pad in the kitchen and the play pen but he really prone to going on carpet of rugs, if I see him squatting down on the rug I would have to pick him up and run to put him on the pee pad.. is there anything I could do or use to try making him not go on the carpet or rug's?
Your best bet is to not let him access the carpeted area or remove the carpet temporarily until he learns to potty only on the potty pads.

Because he doesn't know any better right now, the rug is no different than the pad. If you block off access to the rug, he'll learn faster that he's only supposed to go on the pads.

Last, make sure every time you see him potty on the pads to do a huge celebratory "GOOD BOY!!!" or "Good boy, go pee pee!!!".

My two are now outdoor potty trained, but to this day, I still do a daily "Good Boy!!!" and "Good Girl!!!" like it's the first time they ever pottied outside, to reinforce that peeing and pooping outdoors is a good thing.
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