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Originally Posted by puppypal86 View Post
Awesome thank you for all the should I still feed him the dry food I have for yorkies or change it up to something different..I will try the puppy pad outside of the play pen but I have 1 in the kitchen and I have a small rug next to it and he still goes on the rug instead of the potty pad
Maximo gave you excellent advice.

I wouldn't suggest changing his food for now. Maybe keep him on that same kibble for at least another few weeks. Once his poop has settled and is better looking, then you can consider very very slowly transitioning him to another brand, if you choose to. But first, take him to the vet to check and make sure he's healthy without parasites etc that could cause the loose stool.

As for they crying, look up 'Separation Training'. Like potty training, it'll be a slow process and you need to slowly work on it every day. I suggest to lighten up on treats if the stool is loose. I used freeze-dried meals as treats and I give teeny tiny pinches to make sure they don't get sick from too many treats. When you're leaving during the day, you can keep him preoccupied right before you leave with a treat dispensing toy, like one of these:
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