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Sad new puppy help!

ive recently got a yorkie puppy 2 months old the pervious owner said that it is a yorkie golden merle, now im new at this but i need help..when i was contacting her she said that all the paper work comes with the puppy and that it is current with up to date vaccines and dewormd so when i went to buy him all i got was a borchure that had his birth date and a vaccine sticker inside. no other info was on the paper work so are there any red flags about this?!

Im also having training trouble with him, me and my fiance have a 2 floor townhouse and we both work 3rd shift she only works 3 days out of the week and i work everyday except sundays, ive purchased a big playpen for him that has 2 blankets a bed, toys and a potty pad i want him to use the potty pad whle we are at work and i want him to be able to go outside when we get home, when we are home ill leave the playpen open so he can go in and out but ive noticed that everytime he has to pee or poo he will do it outside of the play pen on the carpet, i went to pet stores trying to get info and i bought a spray product that you spray on the pad to get them to know that thats where they have to go pee and it seems to work here and there.. am i doing anything wrong or should i be doing something differently? Also his poo has been wet and diarrhea like for a feeding him royal canine yorkshire dry food i did not get wet food yet because i dont know what kind..ive noticed that hes really stubborn he cries alot and he wont stop biting! please any help i can get i will really appreciate it i just hope i can get him properly trained

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