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Originally Posted by magicgenie View Post
OK, brain exercise over, I give up.
I'm liberal and forward thinking and if that makes me a bad breeder in Nancy's estimation, so be it.
Anyone who has a serious question for me, I'll be happy to discuss by PM or email. I'm very easy to find.
I'm confused, what do you mean by brain exercise? I don't think you're a bad breeder, in fact, there are some things I like about your breeding program and one is the fact that buyers can see your breeding dogs. Like I said, I don't really know anything about your breeding program and the one thing I thought I knew, such as you wouldn't allow buyers to see your breeding dogs, I was wrong. I never recommend specific breeders to members here, that's not my job, I try to give them information that I found useful in choosing a breeder.

I said I can see why the YTCA wouldn't want someone as a member who thinks we should allow the breeding of Partis, and didn't realize the importance of standard. It's like saying you think it's good to breed for a fault. I wouldn't call someone a bad breeder because of this, or even because they don't dock tails. I wouldn't buy from them, but others would buy from them for that reason alone. I do wish that you'd do the dewclaws, if I had a choice in any of this, but I don't. Do you do health testing, this is one of the traits of a good breeder. I'm sorry if I came of as so judgmental towards you. I need to be more careful how I phrase things.

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