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Originally Posted by Nancy1999 View Post
Don't know how much of all of this you want to make public, so I'm not sure how to answer this. Lets's just say, the members have strict rules on gossiping and needed a pet buyers sworn affidavit on certain facts. If the pet buyer refuses to do this, nothing can be done. It could have been effective.
Nancy, there is no provision in their bylaws for consumer complaints. A member is disciplined for not acting in the best interests of the club when a member files an action against another member that begins the process. To my knowledge, there is no way for a buyer to even submit an affidavit or other evidence to the club directly as is the case in other dispute resolution processes. I believe that any process that does not allow a direct vehicle for a buyer to complain is ineffective. The bylaw only speaks to the subject of discipline only in regard to one member lodging a complaint against another and is silent on buyer recourse. Perhaps intentionally? A rhetorical question...

There is no need to go into personal situations or matters that have been put to rest as best they can be. I'm commenting on a process, and my knowledge of the process doesn't entail signed affidavits or other forms of evidence as to facts. Sometimes buyer paperwork and medical records are better evidence of the crux of the complaint than an affidavit summarizing those facts.
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